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Color Section

Title:《My heart remains》 No.A02550
Title:《扬帆起航》 No.A01689
Title:《Baku Color》 No.A00077
Title:《Frolic》 No.A02213
Title:《春色满园》 No.A00581
Title:《中国花朵》 No.A00230
Title:《Golden fall(金秋)》 No.A02665
Title:《舞动旋律 Waving melody》 No.A00220
Title:《古城缩影》 No.A00301
Title:《Yellow Flowers and Sky Blue》 No.A00281
Title:《Exercise during the pandemic》 No.A01855
Title:《开往春天的列车》 No.A00159
Title:《高铁工地》 No.A01903
Title:《牧羊人》 No.A01943
Title:《脱水飞鱼》 No.A00314
Title:《石阶上的背影》 No.A02346
Title:《畲家编织》 No.A01245
Title:《《蓝色梦想》Blue dream》 No.A01033

Monochrome Section

Title:《天鹅》 No.B00076
Title:《重峦叠嶂山湖相间》 No.B00283
Title:《鱼Fish》 No.B00006
Title:《Come on, dad》 No.B01930
Title:《录取通知》 No.B01005
Title:《young lance》 No.B00709
Title:《京剧娃娃 Peking Opera Doll》 No.B00737
Title:《小戏迷》 No.B00937
Title:《Singing》 No.B01115
Title:《God of the sun》 No.B01795
Title:《指导合照的教师》 No.B00035
Title:《《马踏水花》》 No.B00803
Title:《华亭湖泳者》 No.B01256
Title:《玉立》 No.B01348
Title:《Flowing melody》 No.B01691
Title:《Enjoytogether 6》 No.B00288
Title:《五机俯冲》 No.B00371
Title:《马影艺术》 No.B01755

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