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Color Section

Title:《Sadam drum dance》 No.A02245
Title:《Starry sky over Miao villag》 No.A02737
Title:《Mist-shrouded》 No.A02628
Title:《晚练健身》 No.A00371
Title:《Chinese Shadow Puppetry》 No.A02783
Title:《Vastness》 No.A02461
Title:《民间绝活》 No.A00919
Title:《新城绽放》 No.A02664
Title:《Accompany》 No.A01753
Title:《沙画之韵》 No.A01627
Title:《畲家小屋》 No.A00125
Title:《分享》 No.A01083
Title:《芒康千年盐田》 No.A00952
Title:《荷之韵》 No.A00735
Title:《Go to sea》 No.A00552
Title:《Bath Buddha》 No.A01786
Title:《今古桂林》 No.A00798
Title:《Children in the Temple》 No.A02559

Monochrome Section

Title:《窗边劳作》 No.B01351
Title:《古镇韵味》 No.B01248
Title:《Babe in red》 No.B00756
Title:《社区消毒》 No.B00605
Title:《A long time ago》 No.B01241
Title:《扶贫列车》 No.B00442
Title:《equestrian66 》 No.B00994
Title:《Great Grey Owl 1》 No.B01554
Title:《《捻船》组照》 No.B00083
Title:《Winter herding》 No.B01210
Title:《舟游“古”运河》 No.B00799
Title:《躺平》 No.B00016
Title:《Water dance》 No.B00284
Title:《玉立》 No.B01348
Title:《galloping horse》 No.B00286
Title:《Send message》 No.B01891
Title:《Flaming days》 No.B01779
Title:《草原信使》 No.B00079

Exhibition Review